Public Mumble Server



AAAthats3as is a loosely-organized paramilitary militia specializing in autism and being gay. Over the years thousands have joined, few have stayed. Care to try your luck, traveller? The Date Rape Appreciation Station is the only channel that really matters, so make sure you join that one. Perplexed? See How to Connect below and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

How to Connect

You will need Mumble from the linked website. Install Mumble, then connect to the AAA Mumble server by adding it manually (Click "Add New" → Address:"" → "OK" → "Connect").

In order to move to different channels, you must be registered. In order to be registered, a trusted member has to approve you and register you. We cannot do this if you don't have a working microphone, so make sure yours is working!

How to Join Passworded Channels

To join a passworded channel, go to Server -> Access Tokens, click "Add", and type the password of the channel you would like access to. If you enter "dog", this will grant you access to all channels with the password "dog".

How to Change Voice Quality

To change your own voice quality, go to Configure -> Settings -> Quality. If you have a poor connection or a high ping, it's suggested you lower this until people can understand you. Otherwise, set it as high as possible so you don't sound like a robot.

Server Rules

such is the ebb and flow of life
Life which gives freely,life which takes all the same
The same way you came, the same way you shall go
go onto the horizon, move freely with the wind